The Truth About Butterflies: A Memoir by Nancy Stephan

Book Description:
They belong to each other, Nancy and Nicole–mother and daughter. They’re two halves of a whole, two facets of the same breath–until the day Nicole exhales. . . and never inhales again. After the death of her daughter, and quickly losing her own battle with grief, Nancy decides to move from the house she can no longer bear to live in. While packing, she comes across a box in the attic. Inside this box, Nancy uncovers treasures she didn’t know existed and evidence that her and her daughter’s lives had been more divinely entwined than she could’ve imagined. The Truth About Butterflies is a true story of grief, hope, and transformation, and a single enduring truth: Life cannot be restrained by death.

My Review: * * * * *
I honestly thought this book was incredible. There is something so warm and real about it, as if I was sitting down with the author Nancy and she was telling me her story over tea, and even as the daylight faded, more tea was poured and the story continued, because I wanted to hear more about her late daughter Nicole. And by the end, as sad as the story is, I am smiling with her and I feel as though I have met Nicole and I love her too.

This story is told with such grace that, even for those with different or no spiritual beliefs, the author’s faith in God is simply part of the story and is endearing rather than offensive.

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