I woke up on the first day of the year and decided to start out as I aim to continue. I remembered (as hung over as I may or may not have been) to smile at myself and say, “Good morning beautiful! Today is a wonderful day.” This has become subconsciously habitual for me, put into place with only a couple of weeks of conscious practice.

I then had my usual cup of coffee in bed brought to me by my lovely daughter, and instead of jumping up and running into my day as has become my pattern over the last few months, I reverted to my previous and more peaceful morning routine. I stared out of my French doors at the hundreds of tiny yellow dandelions scattered across the grass, I watched the red feathered blooms of the bottle brush tree dance in the wind, I looked to see if the lemon trees had started bearing fruit, and I became mesmorized by the patterns that the clouds paint on the sky. I read a little bit from one of the non-fiction books next to my bed, and then I began to write. Writing in bed in the morning, before the hussle and bussle of the day, has always worked for me. Whether it is a blog post, an article, a new workshop, a piece for my next book or simply a journal entry; writing just flows in my quiet contemplative morning time. I love to write in between pauses of beautiful scenery outside my bedroom door, sips of outstanding coffee made in my new coffee machine, the gentle sounds of birds, and the comforting weight of my animal friends snuggled in and around my legs.

All this, I miss when I long-jump into my day, not to mention the pearls of wisdom that arrive in the quite reflective time. This is how I always started my days in the country, until a few months ago, when life seemed to get too busy to just sit around in bed all morning. How much I missed by giving up this precious time and what a wonderful reminder to never give it up again. It only takes an hour or so. I have designed my life so that there are only two mornings a week that I have early commitments – meditation class and intuitive art class – and I am happy to give up my morning ritual on these days. But not on the other mornings. There is nothing so important as to miss out on my ‘me’ time.

And so, dear friends, you may just see me around on this blog a little more often. I love to write down my thoughts, but because I have been writing my second book (albeit very slowly), I have not wanted to duplicate by writing on this blog. In the meantime, I have missed all of you and stopped doing something that I love. So here I am again!

I plan on having a wonderful, magic, beautiful, abundant and joyous year. And I wish the same for each and every one of you.


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2 Responses to Start your day as you wish to continue…

  1. Leila, your morning routine sounds magical. I can’t see this exact scenario working for me since I share a bed with my husband and drinkijg coffee or writing in bed has never been comfortable for me, but you are reminding me of a lately neglected hour in my comfy chair with coffee, journal and reading material. We are shopping for a new home just now, and I’ll definitely keep a nurturing retreat space in mind.

    Beyond that, I recently wrote about a woman I met last fall who inspired me to smile as often as she does, which is nearly always. What a heartwarmer that says senior is. As you note, a firm intention to apt a new attitude or behavior takes root almost instantly.

  2. Hi Sharon, yes everyone will have a different time and place in the day that will work for them, but the important thing is to create it and stick to it. I hope you find a beautiful new home with a perfect nurturing spot just for you. As a writer, it is invaluable. I wish you a wonderful 2015! xx

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