In 2016, I discovered BookLife, the Publishers Weekly site for self-published authors where you can add your book and submit it for consideration for a free Publishers Weekly review. There are apparently thousands of books submitted every month, so the chances of getting picked are not high, however, I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from them within a few weeks that my book, It Rains In February: A Wife’s Memoir of Love and Loss had been picked for a PW review! Seeing as readers seem to either love my book, or hate it (depending on their own personal beliefs), I waited in nervous anticipation, hoping for the reviewer to be one of the former. In November, I received the email to say that my PW review was live on their website and had gone out in their newsletter. I followed the link and was hugely relieved to find a wonderful review!

“Summers’s memoir is a complex contemporary tragedy written by a mature, talented writer. Summers speaks directly to her husband, Stuart, who chose to end his own life, in this painfully honest eulogy. The intimate style, combined with second-person narration, gives the story a page-turning tension. Summers must first accept that her emotional, smart, artistic husband has fallen deeply in love with another woman. The small family that includes two young daughters is fractured when Stuart moves out of their Victorian home in the suburbs of a South African city, and the rupture deepens when Stuart moves further away from his family and his reluctant lover to be near his sister, Ruth, in Cape Town. Summers works from a distance to keep her long-suicidal husband alive, while Ruth makes similar efforts from nearby. Ultimately, the love of his wife, sister, and children are not enough to keep him alive. Summers’s skilled prose (“Bleakness permeates the moist air and seeps into my pores”) makes this traumatic book bearable to read. This memoir is a cathartic exercise for the author and could well serve in the same capacity for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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