It’s been some time since I’ve written anything on this blog and so I thought I’d give a quick update on where I am. In January, I wrote a post with many ideas about my plans for this year including starting to write Book Two. Writing went well for a month or so. After that I put all my journal entries and notes into one place on my computer and added some scribbled ideas here and there, but to be honest, I haven’t really been writing. Not yet, anyway…

My last blog post was at the beginning of May, and a lot has happened in my life since then. Firstly, it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped to get by without the income from the sale of my house after I put the balance away in an inaccessible account. Life became somewhat of a struggle and I wasn’t making ends meet financially. All work dried up, Book One sales dropped, and I lost inspiration for writing Book Two. Some days, I did nothing but worry about how I was going to feed myself and the girls.

By the end of May, it was an effort to remain positive. It was during this time that I listened to several online inspirational talks on the Hay House World Summit, selecting the ones around the topic of abundance. During one of the talks, the speaker asked the question, “If you could do anything you wanted to do as a career, without any conditions attached, what would you do?” I sat with that question for one night. The following morning, I answered it in my journal. I would like to be a Life Coach. This wasn’t something I had ever considered before that moment. I immediately googled life coaching courses in my area and as synchronicity would have it, I discovered to my amazement that Hay House was holding their first ever training in the nearby city of Cape Town beginning two weeks later! I signed up, remembering that I could pay for the course with the money I had put away. From that moment on, things have been falling into place rather effortlessly in my life.

As a certified Heal Your Life® teacher and facilitator, I have experienced incredible healing in my own life and also found immense joy in working with others. I am so grateful that I followed the intuitive signs that have led me to this wonderfully fulfilling place in my own life.

I have started a new Facebook Page where I share inspirational posts. Would be lovely to connect with you there.

Much love and excitement,

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At the beginning of the year the owners of my rental house came to do their annual inspection. While walking around the garden together, they gave me some information about certain plants and trees. I had a particular interest in two trees. One bears both oranges and lemons on the same tree, and the other bears both apricots and nectarines. It seems that the previous owners had managed to graft two trees together so that the trunks merged and only one trunk is visible making it look like the same tree. I found this fascinating. The owners were particularly surprised to see that the avocado tree was full of leaves. They told me that when they bought the house, they were advised by a garden expert to cut the tree down as it was dead and would never again bear any fruit. The owners had decided not to remove the dead tree but rather to give it a chance. In the last month, I was amazed to find that the tree is bearing fruit! It was another small reminder not to believe it when we are told that there is absolutely no chance. Sometimes incredible things do happen against all odds.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein


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Some people say that there are no such things as miracles, but I believe that miracles happen every day, if we only know how to see them.

I wear two rings on my right hand – my Nana’s antique ring, and my wedding ring. They sit comfortably next to each other as reminders of two special people I love who are no longer on this earth. A few hours before my Nana died, the nurse took the ring off her finger as her hands began to swell. I put it onto my right hand for safe keeping and that is where it has remained. When my husband died just over a year later, I moved my wedding ring next to it. I have almost lost both rings before, but they came back to me.

Last week Tuesday, I had a few errands to run in the nearby town before driving to the airport to fetch a friend. After I had been to three different places, I dropped the girls at ballet before heading to the airport. It was only when I turned onto the highway that I noticed there was something missing. There was a black hole in my Nana’s ring where the beautiful rectangular aquamarine stone should have been. My heart sank. Where had it fallen out? How would I find it? I tried to calm down with self talk. It was only a physical thing. It wasn’t the end of the world. It would be okay. Perhaps I would still find it.

As the days went by, I grew less hopeful. We searched every place where I had been that day. I had gone through my handbag and car with a fine tooth comb. Still, I continued to wear the ring with its empty space in the hope that the stone might find its way back to me. Though I felt sad, I tried to remind myself that things aren’t as important as people, and I will always have my Nana and her memories even without her ring. I also asked her, if she has such powers on the other side, to try and make sure that if I wasn’t to find the stone, that someone who really needed it would find it, so that it could at least help another family.

Today, six days after the stone went missing, I was on the phone to a good friend relaying the story to her. I explained that I was still wearing the empty ring, and would only take it off when I believed that the stone was truly gone and there was no chance of finding it again. After we had spoken for a while, my girls walked into the room with three of their friends. I gave them the signal that I wasn’t to be disturbed as I was on the phone, but they only smiled and said, “I think you will want to hear this Mom.” And then a little boy opened his hand and inside his sweaty palm, sat my shiny little aquamarine stone. I screamed with delight, shouting into the phone. I could hardly believe my eyes!

Later, the little boy showed me where he had found it on the brick paving outside the kitchen door. A place I have swept furiously several times in the last few days. It seemed impossible that it could have stayed there through the wind, the rain, and all my sweeping. The more I thought about it, the more impossible it seemed and as I sat outside with a cup of coffee, I wondered… Could my Nana have put it there? Or at least protected it so that the broomstick hadn’t sent it flying off into the garden never to be found again. However it happened is still a mystery, but for me there is no doubt that it is a true miracle. My Nana must have known that I was the person who needed it the most.

my miracle

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In February I read a memoir and realized that I really appreciate seeing photographs of the characters in the book. So I made a photo album from the time period covered in my memoir, It Rains In February, and uploaded it to YouTube for those who would like to put images to the story. The song is sung by my late husband and is mentioned in the book.

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