NOT AGAIN: “My body’s a write off but I’m all right by Richard von Hippel”

Book Description:
NOT AGAIN: “My body’s a write off but I’m all right.” is the inspirational, true life story of a woman who not only survives childhood rape, extreme domestic violence, brain haemorrhage, multiple strokes, seizures, a tumour and a whole lot more but also, somehow manages to retain a sense of humour, along with a real zest for life, fun and laughter. It is a story of immense courage and brings hope to anyone suffering any form of illness or adversity.

It is a very real measure of Iris’ life that some may find her memoir so extraordinary as to be unbelievable. However, it has to be said that no amount of personal courage, or zest for life would have made Iris’ life or memoir possible if it hadn’t been for the skill and dedication of those members of the medical profession Iris has been fortunate enough to meet along the way. They are thanked throughout the book and their names have been included in the Acknowledgements section of the memoir.

Believable or not, this memoir demonstrates the extraordinary power of the human spirit to overcome the ‘impossible’ and it is Iris’ hope that her true account of her life will prove to be a source of inspiration for others facing illness – or any other form of adversity.

My Review: * * * * *
Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. This is a truly amazing story about the life of Iris, a courageous woman who must have the worst luck and yet the best luck all at the same time. Through disaster after disaster, Iris perseveres, and somehow manages to find the strength to carry on regardless, even laughing and having fun whenever she can. Her resilience is mind-boggling and one can only stand back in awe. I commend Iris for telling her incredible story and Richard von Hippel, for writing it down. I found it extremely inspirational.


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