I can hardly believe that time has gone so quickly. It’s been a strange year for me – with decisions and dreams and learning to let go. I have not done nearly as much work on my book as I intended, but that is going to change. Now that I have got into the rhythm of my new writing job, I am going to put aside time to finish my book and make plans to publish it. I know it’s been a long wait for everyone. In a way, finishing this book is an important part of my moving forward and so I need to make it a priority.

Speaking of priorities, I only have one new year resolution. In the words of Cheryl Richardson… EXTREME self care. When I told my father-in-law this, he laughed and asked me why couldn’t I ever do anything in normal measures, why so extreme? 2011 is a year for learning to be kinder to myself, to remember to eat healthy and sleep more. And one more thing. I will publish my book this year, if it’s the last thing I do!

Happy New Year everyone, and may it bring to you everything you need it to.
With gratitude and love
xoxo Leila

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3 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. KT says:

    I love reading your writings Leila. I wish you all the best with your book getting published in 2011 and I hope it is a great your for you.

  2. Hi Leila,

    EXTREME self care…I LOVE it !!! What a great example that sets to everyone, especially the ‘little people’ in our life who model their behaviours so closely on our own. I bet your father-in-law has gone away and quietly thought about how he could upscale his own self care too…never admitting so of course !

    Best of luck with the publication of your book….it sounds as if your will and hope-filled vision combined, will see you reach your goal.

    Big smiles,


  3. Jess says:

    Hi Leila…as always concise and direct…extreme self care…am at the dentist for a long overdue check up…prevention…am holding this as my focus…I have been around long enough to know what my body and spirit need and I must respect and give power to these needs….also looked at an old post and the idea that we allocate money too much power in our palett of fears…this is a tough one for me…but after reading your blog about disconnecting decisions and choices from money I realised that I have always had food on the table, I have always had enough, ok I have had to make do but I have always had enough….and then in having started a new business I realised that in buying the best I can for my vintage clothes shop, getting the right staff, continuing to collect funky pieces and lay the foundation …with what I have control over…for success…and just as I have enough I am doing enough…this is the plan anyway! Thanks for listening Jessica

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