February has been a month of sadness as well as incredible inspiration and excitement. It was six years ago today that my husband took his life. I share the story in my book, It Rains In February: A Wife’s Memoir of Love and Loss, which is free all weekend (22-25 February) on Amazon Kindle. In addition to it being the anniversary of my husband’s death, I was faced with an added reminder of the fragility of life when a toddler tragically drowned in our community. I have found myself looking at my own children with such heightened love, appreciation and deep gratitude. My darling Rose made me the sweetest Valentine card which read –

I love you more than the sun,
the moon, the stars and the sea.
You are the best!
I love you in the day
I love you in the nigte
I love you every seckind of my life!

Throughout all, I’ve been writing and my book seems to have taken on a life of its own. I recently listened to a talk where the speaker equated having big dreams with shooting out arrows of possibility so that when the opportunities do arise, you’re ready to say yes! Opportunities have arisen and I’ve said yes. And everything seems to be falling into place perfectly.

This week, I also took part in my first ever author interview as well as my first guest blog post on what inspired me to write my memoir.

Much love to you all and keep dreaming x


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