I can hardly believe that it’s February again, and the fifth anniversary of my husband’s death. In commemoration, I am running some promotions on my memoir this month. It Rains In February: A Wife’s Memoir of Love and Loss, tells the story of the harrowing year leading up to my husband’s suicide, and the year of grief that follows, spanning three Februaries.

I have a Goodreads giveaway promotion running at the moment for those of you living in the US, and this weekend (February, 3-5), my memoir will be available again on Amazon.com for free download to your Kindle! Please spread the word – I’d love everyone to have a copy of my book on their bookshelves (virtual or wooden) next to their other favorite reads! xx

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2 Responses to February Promotions

  1. Washu says:

    Wow! I wish I could read your memoir now! Shame that I am stateside! I love the books on your bookshelf especially Angela’s Ashes. I met one of the guys who starred in the movie version. Robert Caryle – he is a lovely guy :) You lady, have good taste!

    ~BrainyChan from Swapbot

    • Hi Washu, thanks! My memoir is only for sale through Amazon, so you can always order it there (o:
      I don’t keep many books on my bookshelf, just my favorites (for visitors) and some that I still want to read.
      I donate books I’ve read to the animal welfare so that others can enjoy them too, rather than just sitting here looking pretty.
      Thanks for commenting! x

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