A Cure For Emma: One Mother’s Journey to Oz by Julie Colvin

Book Description:
A Cure for Emma chronicles a mother’s quest to heal her child from a nearly invisible disease: type 1 diabetes. Millions of parents around the world will relate to Julie Colvin’s roller coaster of despair, frustration, and hope when her daughter Emma was diagnosed with this life-threatening, incurable nightmare. Overnight, Julie left her medical career to become a full-time surrogate pancreas for her daughter. A Cure for Emma is also a spiritual look at one woman’s journey from anguish to hope. Writing with humor and honesty, this devoted mother offers a warm, revealing look at the spiritual questions disease forces into one’s life. We follow Julie’s quest to cut a deal with her analytical, scientifically-trained mind and investigate a world that could not be proven in a lab. While seeking a cure for Emma she risks everything, including her marriage, to follow a path of discovery and wonder.

My Review: * * * * *
I had the opportunity of working on Julie’s website and through this, the privilege of getting to know her online. I watched, with admiration, her commitment to her family and to writing her story. When I received a copy of her book in the post two years later, I was eager to curl up and devour it and I was not disappointed! This book is not simply about a mother’s struggle of coming to terms with the shocking diagnosis of her daughter’s incurable Type I diabetes. It is so much more than that. Julie takes us on a well-written and personal journey through tragedy into self-discovery. It is a story of courage and spiritual awakening as Julie discovers her own healing in her quest to find a cure for her daughter. Through Julie’s willingness to be open, she has become a teacher and healer to all of us. By the time I reached the end, it felt as though I had walked through the magical pages of the book with Julie, Emma, Will, Marc and Mojo. I hope, one day, to have the privilege of meeting them all face to face.

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