Again in a Heartbeat, a memoir of love, loss and dating again by Susan G. Weidener

Book Description:
Again in a Heartbeat is a compelling and heartbreaking true story, examining love, loss and dating again following the death of the author’s husband from cancer. This is a love story, a story of marriage, of redemption and forgiveness. It moves beyond grief to Susan’s journey as a single parent and a woman searching to remake a shattered life. This story will resonate with anyone who has searched for or found true love.

My Review: * * * * *
Again in a Heartbeat is a moving read of love, loss and an effort to rebuild a life. Though I shed some tears, the author manages to tell her story honestly and soulfully without unnecessary drama. Her skills as a journalist clearly contribute to this well-written book. The story held my attention throughout and made for a quick but excellent read.


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